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Lottery Results | PowerPick Players Club - Phoenix,AZ

We are passionate about our members and ensure that they are always one hundred percent satisfied...

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Lottery Pools | PowerPick Players Club - Phoenix,AZ

Our service is predicated on simple mathematics, not on any tricks, catches or hidden clauses. Statistics show...

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Weekly Lottery Pools | PowerPick Players Club - Phoenix,AZ

The standard pooling option with PowerPick Players Club sees each of our members paired with...

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Welcome To PowerPick Players Club

Ever dreamed of what you would do if you won the lottery? A new house, new cars, that dream vacation; maybe it is just paying off the bills. With PowerPick Players Club, you can enjoy a significant advantage in both winning as well as making those dreams a reality.

Operating out of Phoenix since 1995, PowerPick Players Club is Arizona’s premier lottery pooling institution. For a small buy-in fee, you and other like minded members of our enthusiastic playing team can give yourselves the best possible chance of coming up with those jackpot numbers in the variety of lottery offered by the Arizona Lottery.

PowerPick Players Club not only gives you the best chance of coming up with big money paydays on a small investment but we also provide you with a fun, friendly environment in which you can pursue your lottery winning passions. We possess an ever growing and tight knit pooling community at PowerPick Players Club and we are always looking to include other like-minded and dedicated lottery players.

The benefit of having a professionalized and centrally regulated body to oversee your pooling process not only facilitates your winning, but also ensures that in the event of a win, all of the incoming finances are correctly and fairly distributed among those that bought in.

Further, any potential publicity attracted in the event of a notable win can be effectively managed in accordance with the individual wishes of each pooler by our experienced and friendly staff. PowerPick Players Club is accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Businesses Bureau (BBB) and you can count on full discretion when using our services.

At PowerPick Players Club we are dedicated to facilitating the pursuit of lottery wins and we do everything that we can in order to aid that process. We provide a relaxed, supportive and secure environment in which our members can effectively organize their pooling structures and give themselves the best chance of coming away with that big money win.

The benefit that comes with playing with PowerPick Players Club, is reflected in the lengthy history of big money wins that we have had since our launch and this is a tradition that we strive to continue. Most of all, however, we want our clients to have fun.

All players must be over 21 years of age and possess an AZ mailing address. Call us today at (602) 995-9200 to try our free lottery pool!

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